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The latest allergy, asthma and immunology research, procedures, and technologies will be presented at eACAAI: Excellence in Clinical Education, Communication and Patient Care, the annual scientific meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

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Hold the Phone: Prolonged Cell Use Can Trigger Allergic Reaction
Allergic to Bed Bugs?
Chinese Herbs Can Complement Proven Allergy Treatments
Banning Peanuts in Schools and Airplanes Unnecessary
Pumpkin Pie Not a Treat for Some Allergic Children
Climate Change Grows More Allergen-producing Plants and Fungi
Hate Taking Allergy Drugs? Get Better with Immunotherapy
Eye Allergies Often Overlooked, Undertreated
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Allergy News Briefs Allergy
Nut Allergic Patients Struggle to Recognize Nut Types
Children More Likely to Have Amoxicillin Allergy
IgE Antibody Levels Double Since ’70s in People over Age 50
Influenza Vaccines May Vary in Amount of Allergens
Asthma News Briefs Asthma
Great News for Asthma Sufferers – Procedure Helps Maintain Control after LABA Withdrawal
Obesity Linked with Increased Asthma Risk in Brooklyn
Mild Asthma Patients Over-Medicated
Landmark Study Shows Suboptimal Asthma Care

Attend in person, Room 121B, Phoenix Convention Center or join by teleconference at 866-790-1863.
Abstract Highlights: Key Research Findings
Abstract Highlights:
Key Research Findings

Saturday, November 13th
1 -2 pm MT (3-4 pm ET)
Allergies to Life’s Pleasures: Kissing, sex, cell phones,tattoos
Immunotherapy: The Future of Allergy & Asthma Relief
Immunotherapy: The Future of Allergy & Asthma Relief
Monday, November 15th
1 -2 pm MT (3-4 pm ET)

To arrange interviews with presenters or request an abstract, please contact:
  Ashley Mattys
312-558-1770 or
  Nancy Ryan
Or call the ACAAI Press Room in Phoenix, Nov. 12-15, at:
The Press Room is located in Room 121B at the Phoenix Convention Center.
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