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Resources help FITs prepare for the ABAI exam

Resources help FITs prepare for the ABAI exam
By Monica Bhagat, MD, Senior FIT Representative to the ACAAI Board of Regents

Congratulations to our first-year FITs for completing more than half of their first year, and good luck to our second and third-year FITs who are hunting for jobs and getting geared up for boards! As we head into the spring season, it is important to be aware of all of the board preparatory resources available to us.

The 2014 ABAI exam dates are set for Sept. 29-Oct. 3. Although the registration deadline for the ABAI exam is May 31, you should register prior to April 30 to avoid late fees. The total cost to register for the exam is $2,650. The passing rate for first-time test takers of the 2013 exam was 89 percent. For more information, please see and/or discuss with your program director.

Enrollment for the 2014 ACAAI/AAAAI Certification/Maintenance of Certification Board Review Course is closed, but there are multiple other ways to prepare for your exam! One key resource is the ACAAI website, where you will find the ACAAI Review for the Allergy and Immunology Boards, Second Edition. This newly updated review book is available for download for all College members at It is a 600-page concise review of key allergy and immunology subject matter, designed for board preparation.

Our website also includes the FIT Corner Questions featuring 20 questions published monthly written by your College FIT representatives! These questions are another great way to review since they are based on key textbooks including Janeway’s Immunobiology for 2014, and Abbas’ Cellular and Molecular Immunology last year.

Another key way to prepare for the ABAI exam is to study for your mock In-Training Allergy/Immunology Exam. This year the mock exam will be offered May 7-14. Your program director will register you for this exam, so look out for more information in early spring.

Good luck to everyone! I look forward to the ACAAI Annual Scientific Meeting in Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 6-10.

Questions? Contact me at or your regional FIT representative listed at

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