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Nomination Procedures for the Positions of Junior Fellow-In-Training Representative to the ACAAI Board of Regents and Regional Representatives

If you have recently become an ACAAI member, welcome to an organization that is sincerely committed to the needs of its FITs and young physicians! FIT liaisons to the ACAAI Board of Regents have input on policy that affects both the FIT programs and the organization and is taken seriously. In November, the Junior FIT Representative becomes the Senior FIT Representative, which creates a vacancy for the position of Junior FIT Representative. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about ACAAI, about health care changes affecting the allergist/immunologist, and to develop friendships and network with leaders in our field.

If you are currently in your first year of training, please consider running this November for the position of Junior FIT Representative. There are also opportunities to serve as a Regional Representative. The duties and time commitment for these positions is listed below.


The FIT Representative serves a two-year term and has the important role of representing FITs at the ACAAI Board of Regents meetings. This includes attending the BOR meeting on Thursday during the ACAAI Annual Meeting in November, at which time, you will be introduced to the Board. There is also an interim Board meeting in late Spring (usually early June). From time to time, the Board has convened special strategic planning meetings, which occur over weekends in various locations.

Specific Duties and Expectations

  • Attend BOR meetings and participate in conference calls as available; represent FIT perspective.
  • Assimilate board review questions and edit for content and format according to schedule.
  • Serve as a Delegate to the AMA-RFS as available.
  • Conduct Annual Business Meeting.


The FIT Regional Representatives are responsible to the FIT Committee and help connect regional fellowship training programs with ACAAI and to help facilitate fellows' participation in regional allergy/immunology meetings.

In addition, your input may be sought by various committees of ACAAI. Before the time commitment sounds overwhelming, keep in mind that you will always have another FIT representative to help balance these commitments. If finances are a concern, be assured that any travel expenses incurred as a result of attending these meetings are fully reimbursed by ACAAI.

Specific Duties and Expectations

  • Interact with FIT members in their assigned region on issues pertaining to the ACAAI.
  • Forward copies of the ACAAI FIT news to each FIT in their assigned region.
  • Provide senior FIT rep with opinions and ideas on issues of concern to the FIT section.
  • Generate board-type review questions on assigned chapters according to schedule.

Election of the new FIT Representative will occur at the FIT Business Meeting held at the Annual Meeting in November. If interested in running, complete the Nomination Form when it becomes available online this fall. Please do not hesitate to contact your FIT Representatives with any questions or for more information.

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