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College connections and resources offer a path to success for FITs

by Paul B. Keiser, MD, Senior FIT Representative to the ACAAI Board of Regents

Welcome to the FIT section of the summer ACAAI News. With the new academic year, congratulations are in order all around.

First, congratulations to all of the graduating FITs. Until the ACAAI Annual Scientific Meeting in Anaheim, Nov. 8-13, you will continue to be regarded as FIT members with free membership, eligible for reduced registration rates and to apply for travel grants. If you need to change your contact information, please send the information via email to And don’t forget, site registration for the ABAI exam opens July 9.

Second, congratulations to rising 2nd and 3rd year FITs and to in-coming first year Allergy fellows! The ACAAI continues to be a strong supporter of all fellows-in-training and works hard to assess and meet fellow needs. Please consider becoming more involved in the ACAAI. The field of Allergy is constantly changing, and the more connected you are, the better you will be at taking care of your patients and managing your practices. Several ACAAI committees welcome FIT participation.

First-year FITs will be needed to apply for the Junior FIT and Regional FIT Representative positions. The Junior FIT Rep will participate with the Senior FIT Rep on the ACAAI Board of Regents. They also attend the annual Program Director’s meeting, and have the opportunity to represent the ACAAI to the AMA Resident and Fellows Section. This is an excellent opportunity to network with other allergists, learn how our specialty is led, and participate in that leadership. Many FIT Reps have gone on to serve on the ACAAI Board of Regents and many other leadership positions in our specialty. Regional FIT Reps interact with FIT members in their assigned regions, and provide feedback to the Junior and Senior FIT Reps on issues of concern to the Board of Regents. In addition, all of the FIT Reps contribute board review questions for the ACAAI website and eNews. This provides an excellent chapter-by-chapter resource for those preparing for board exams and staying current in our specialty.

The annual meeting in Anaheim this year will include a scientific program specifically for FITs with guest speakers on the topics of “Primary Immunodeficiencies” and “the Future Practice of Allergy.” These topics are of particular to interest to FITs for board preparation and for anticipating some of the coming changes in how we practice our specialty. The deadline for abstract submission for first-year fellows is extended to August 3. Contact Debra Kroncke ( to request access to the abstract submission site after July 6. Applications for travel grants are due August 31 and may be found on the member website.

We hope to see you in Anaheim!

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