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Alliance Prepares for Anaheim and Beyond
by Rebecca A. Goldberg, R.N., Alliance President

It’s that time of year again when we start diligently working on our next meeting, Nov. 8-13, in Anaheim, Calif. Ellen Portnoy, President-Elect, and I have begun working on the program and Hospitality Suite set-up, as well as the Alliance Business Meeting and Luncheon. What we know so far is our Hospitality Suite will be located in the Anaheim Marriott Hotel. More information will follow as we get closer to the dates.

Over the past several years, the Alliance has struggled with our fundraising efforts due to limitations placed on us by various state laws and Alliance member time constraints. We have a fundraising project planned for this year that we know will be exciting and fun. The Alliance will be sponsoring a Photography Exhibition and Competition for ACAAI members and all registered 2012 ACAAI Annual Meeting attendees and guests. The categories are Travel Memories, Family and Pets, and Health. The entrance fee is $25 per photo submission with all funds after cost going to the ACAAI Foundation.

Barbara Finegold and Jeanne Zitt, co-chairs of the Service Project Committee, have worked diligently to develop the project and obtain approval from the ACAAI Board of Regents. We hope to continue this project going forward.

Some of the entry photos may be used to create an ACAAI calendar in 2013 and note cards in 2014 to showcase the talent contained within the College and maximize our support of the ACAAI and its Foundation.

As always, we look forward to accepting new members in the Alliance. Many of us have careers or jobs requiring our day-to-day energies, and I understand it can be difficult to add more things to our already full schedules. However, the relationships we build as members of the Alliance can and do sustain us throughout the years. I believe if more of us involve ourselves with the Alliance just a bit, we can increase our effectiveness. The more people we can get involved the more we can accomplish, “The sum of the whole is always greater than the parts.” If you are aware of any prospective Alliance members, please forward their contact information to me so we can send out a welcome letter and invite them into the ACAAI “Family.”

Please send any suggestion or input for improvement or other ideas to increase our effectiveness to me at Any written suggestions can be sent to my attention at ACAAI, 85 W. Algonquin Road, Suite 550, Arlington Heights, IL 60005.

Rebecca A. Goldberg, RN
President 2011-2012

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