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Partner with Your Doctor

Your doctor is your partner in learning about and managing your asthma. Together, you and your doctor should:

  • talk about your asthma treatment goals and how you can reach them
  • develop a written asthma action plan that explains the treatment you need every day and what to do if your asthma symptoms become worse
  • review your asthma medicines so that you understand the purpose of each
  • practice how to take your medicine
  • discuss how to keep track of your symptoms and make decisions about how much medicine to take
  • review the things that make your asthma worse — your "asthma triggers" — and discuss tips on how to avoid them

The more you learn about your asthma and your medicines that treat it, the more you can keep your disease in control.

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Find an Asthma Specialist

An allergist is a doctor who has the specialized training and experience to find out what causes your asthma, prevent and treat symptoms, and help keep it under control. Find an allergist in your zip code and find relief.

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