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Red Eye

Q: What is the "Red Eye"? And is it related to allergies?

A: No, we are not talking about airplane flights here...  "Red Eye" is a "basket" term that encompasses a wide range of eye conditions.  Most conditions are self-limited; however, red eye can be a sign of serious eye disease.  Presence of pain helps to distinguish between the more serious eye conditions and less serious ones, as pain may be present in a vision-threatening disorder.  Eye allergy commonly affects both eyes and is associated with itching and tearing.  A white "ropey" discharge can occur if this becomes a more chronic condition.  Eye allergy (allergic conjunctivitis) does not typically threaten vision unless it is a chronic, very severe form.  Seek a more detailed discussion and evaluation with your allergist or eye doctor.

Allergy and Asthma Relief Test

If you have allergies or asthma, use the Allergy and Asthma Relief Self-Test to review your symptoms and see if you need to find relief.

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Find an Allergist

Allergists are specialists at treating both allergies and asthma. They can explain how your allergies can affect your asthma and steps you need to take to keep both conditions under control. Find an allergist in your zip code and find relief.

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