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Asthma & Allergy Medication During Pregnancy?

Q.  I am a pregnant mom-to-be with asthma and I have several questions.  Are asthma medications safe to take during pregnancy?  Is it safe to continue my allergy shots while pregnant?   And should I take my asthma medications with me to the hospital, for use during labor and delivery?  

A.  The risks from letting asthma get out of control during pregnancy are much greater than any associated with asthma medications, so these are safe in pregnancy.  When the airways get obstructed (even before you feel symptoms), you don’t get as much oxygen as you or the baby needs to grow properly. Secondly, if you have reached your maintenance dose of allergy injections with no problems, then these are safe to continue during pregnancy.  We won’t begin immunotherapy or increase the dose during pregnancy but it’s safe to maintain the dose.  Regarding your final question, hospitals often don’t want patients to use medications brought from home, but it’s important for hospital staff to see what you have been using. Fortunately, very few women have worsening asthma during delivery. Follow your daily asthma action plan as normal; it’s unlikely you’ll need a bronchodilator medication – but if you feel like you do, then speak up.

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