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Support the mission of your ACAAI Foundation!

The mission of the ACAAI Foundation is to maintain the integrity and future of the specialty of allergy and immunology through the support of the highest quality professional training and patient assistance programs.

We provide support for young faculty to aid in beginning research in their careers because the need is great for faculty to train the future specialists. We provide aid to encourage physicians in practice to return to academic institutions for refresher courses or to learn skills in specific areas.

The ACAAI Foundation has provided major support for the Consortium of Asthma Camps since 1988. This group develops programs and materials for use in Asthma Camps that provide a safe place for children to learn self-management of their disorder. Many of these children would not have the opportunity to attend a camp since local fund-raisers provide scholarships for many.

The ACAAI Foundation has provided emergency support for training programs when catastrophe hits, such as the Galveston hurricane in 2009.

The Jean Chapman endowment has been created to encourage pediatric and internal medicine residents to attend our annual meetings to expose them to the specialty. When funds are sufficient, this program will be initiated.

There is so much more that we could do, but it depends on our membership to not only contribute, but to encourage your state and local societies and other organizations in which you participate, to contribute.

An easy way to donate to the ACAAI Foundation is using your lecture honoraria through the Tithe-a-Talk program! Honoraria can be donated directly from any speaking engagement, including the ACAAI Annual Meeting, and count toward 5k Club or 10k Club pledges. You can download the convenient Tithe-a-Talk contribution form on the Foundation homepage.

In 2010, the MozART Group fundraiser initiated by Sami Bahna, MD, DrPH, FACAAI, generated $55,000, thanks to each of you who bought tickets and to our pharma friends. It's a great way to have fun together and to support the Foundation.

The ACAAI Alliance has faithfully given their its and energy to operate silent auctions and produce cookbooks and note cards, with proceeds going to the Foundation. It is now brainstorming new ways to help us.

Please take a moment to answer our
survey questions which will help to guide the Foundation Board in future years.

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