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ACAAI Foundation Tithe-A-Talk Program

Donate to the ACAAI Foundation using your lecture honoraria!  Honoraria can be donated directly from any activity, including the ACAAI Annual Meeting, and count toward 5k Club or 10k Club pledges.  Directly donated honoraria give you the ability to donate more, as funds are gifted pre-tax!

To sign up to Tithe a Talk

2011 Annual Meeting Speakers Who Tithed-a-Talk

The Foundation thanks the following presenters for donating their speaker's honorarium from the 2010 ACAAI Annual Meeting: 

Donald Wayne Aaronson, MD, JD, MPH

Amal Halim Assa'ad, MD

Mark Ballow, MD

Cheryl K Bernstein, RN, BSN, CCRC

David I Bernstein, MD

Leonard Bielory, MD

Larry Borish, MD

Bradley E Chipps, MD

Kathleen A Corley, NP

Timothy John Craig, DO

Dan A Dalan, MD

Chitra Dinakar, MD

Nabil El Sanadi, MD

Stanley M. Fineman, MD, MBA

Alessandro Fiocchi, MD

Michael B Foggs, MD

Luz Sison Fonacier, MD

David B K Golden, MD

Richard Glen Gower, MD

Paul A Greenberger, MD

Gary N Gross, MD

Mark Holbreich, MD

Neal Jain, MD

Kirsi M Jarvinen-Seppo, MD, PhD

David A Khan, MD

Jerald W Koepke, MD

David Michael Lang, MD

Tao Tuan Le, MD

Phillip L Lieberman, MD

William R Lumry, MD

Todd A Mahr, MD

Alnoor A Malick, MD

Gailen D Marshall, MD,PhD

Bryan Leslie Martin, DO

Kathleen R May, MD

J Allen Meadows, MD

Michael H Mellon, MD

Cecilia Padlan Mikita, MD

Richard Austin Nicklas, MD

Talal M Nsouli, MD

Jordan S Orange, MD, PhD

Ray Stokes Peebles, Jr., MD

Thomas AE Platts-Mills, MD, PhD

Donald W Pulver, MD

Mark S Schubert, MD, PhD

David J Shulan, MD

William S Silvers, MD

James Lee Sublett, MD

David D Tanner, MD

James Michael Tracy, DO

Dana V Wallace, MD

Charles Ross Westley, MD


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