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John L McGovern Lecture (annual)

2013 James T. Li, MD, PhD The Immunology of COPD

David A. Khan, MD

Drug Challenges: Easing the Fear of Graded Dose Challenges

2009 Joseph A. Bocchini, Jr., MD Immunizations for Patients with Allergy & Asthma
2008 Lanny J. Rosenwasser, MD T-cells, Tolerance and Autoimmunity
2007 John J. Oppenheimer, MD Allergy Skin Testing in the 21st Century
2006 Stephen R. Durham, MD Immunotherapy Mechanisms
2005 Gerald J. Gleich, MD Hypereosinophilia: State of the Art
2004 Sami L. Bahna, MD, DrPH Allergic Reactions and Sensitization to Foods by Skin Contact
2003 John W. Yunginger, MD The Past and Present of Board Certification in Allergy/Immunology
2002 Larry Borish, MD Hyperplastic Sinusitis: Atopic Inflammation and Its Appropriate Management
2001 Eugene R. Bleecker, MD It’s Just the Genes
2000 Dean D. Metcalfe, MD Mast Cells-The Conductor of the Orchestra in Lower Airway Inflammation
1999 Ernest N. Charlesworth, MD Vexations of Urticaria:  How to Create Order Out of Chaos
1998 Henry Claman, MD Immunology: An Overview (Immunology of Effector Cells)
1997 Susan M. MacDonald, MD New Immunologic Therapies
1996 Rufus E. Lee, MD Practice Parameters and Guidelines: How Should They Be Used?
1995 Mark O’Hollaren, MD Survival Strategies for Allergists
1994 Allan T. Luskin, MD “Pseudo-allergic” Emergencies
1993 Herbert Mansmann, MD The Metabolism of Magnesium and Its Role in Therapy
1992 Betty B. Wray, MD The Immune System in the First Year of Life
1991 Timothy J. Sullivan, MD Adverse Drug Reactions and Interactions in Allergic Disease
1990 Harold Nelson, MD Beta Agonists Revisited
1989 N. Franklin Adkinson, MD In Vitro Testing
1988 Peter T. Macklem, MD Inflammation and Bronchial Hyperreactivity: Implications for Therapy
1987(2) Alain de Weck, MD Adverse Drug Reactions:  Background
1987(1)  William Solomon, MD Mold Aerobiology, Allergens, and Immunotherapy
1986 Jack Pepys, MD Occupational Asthma - An Update
1985 Mathea R. Allansmith, MD Allergic Diseases of the Eye, Differential Diagnosis and Therapy
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