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Bela Schick Lecture (annual)

2013 Stephen A. Tilles, MD The Joy of Practicing Allergy
2012 James L. Sublett, MD The Future of Allergy: What Would Bela Do?
2011 Michael B. Foggs, MD Here Comes the Sun: Vitamin D and Asthma
2010 Myron J. Zitt, MD Nobody Does It Better Revisited
2009 Stanley M. Fineman, MD Lessons from the Beagle: What an Allergist Can Learn From a Finch
2008 Dana V. Wallace, MD Make a Difference – Be the Difference
2007 Steven L. Kagen, MD Mixing Science, Medicine and Politics
2006 Richard G. Gower, MD Nation at Risk: Costs of Health System Reform
2005 Daniel Ein, MD U.S. Healthcare: Where Do We Go from Here?
2004 Jay M. Portnoy, MD Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Way to Deliver Healthcare
2003 Susan R. Wynn, MD Emotional Intelligence in Medicine: Does High IQ Mean High Quality Care?
2002 Richard W. Weber, MD Allergy Training Programs – Are the Golden Days Over?
2001 Anthony Montanaro, MD The Ideal Allergist: Idealism in Allergy
2000 Bettina C. Hilman, MD Pediatric Vaccines: Challenges and Controversies
1999 Mark T. O’Hollaren, MD Reclaiming the Soul of Medicine
1998 William Berger, MD, MBA Physician Leadership in the New Millennium
1997 Michael Sly, MD Ethical Scientific Writing and Responsible Medical Practice
1996 Bob Q. Lanier, MD Lessons for Allergists Learned From Watching Star Trek
1995 Betty B. Wray, MD The Three P’s: Unabridged
1994  William Storms, MD The Allergists in the 21st Century
1993 Jean A. Chapman, MD Res Ipsa Loquitur
1992 Allan T. Luskin, MD Deja Vu All Over Again
1991 Emil J. Bardana, Jr., MD The Practice of Allergy and the Crisis in
1990 Peter B. Boggs, MD Teaching the Elephant to Dance
1989 Edward J. O’Connell, MD Cough…Cough…Cough…Cough-Type Asthma:  A Review
1988 Sami L. Bahna, MD A 21-Year Salute to IgE
1987(2) Robert N. Hamburger, MD, PhD Food Allergy:  Confessions of an Agnostic
1987(1) John Selner, MD Overview: Future of Allergy
1986 Lloyd V. Crawford, MD Pediatric Allergy Contributions of Bela Schick and Other Pediatricians on Hypersensitivity
1985 Harold S. Nelson, MD Atopic Diseases
1984 William T. Kniker, MD
1983 Robert J. Dockhorn, MD
1982 Douglas E. Johnstone, MD
1981 Zack H. Haddad, MD
1980 Cecil Collins-Williams, MD
1979 Bernard A. Berman, MD
1978 Joseph A. Bellanti, MD
1977 Thomas Waldman, MD
1976 George B. Logan, MD
1975 Frederic Speer, MD
1974 Meyer Marks, MD
1973 Paul F. de Gara, MD
1972 Susan C. Dees, MD
1971 Jerome Glasser, MD
1971 Jerome Glasser, MD
1970 John P. McGovern, MD
1969 Howard G. Rapaport, MD
1968 M. Murray Peshkin, MD
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