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Acorn Grants



Program Director



Ohio State University

Bryan L. Martin, DO

Rekha Raveendran, MD


University of Mississippi Medical Center

Stephen F. Kemp, MD

Bilal Q. Khan, MD


UT Southwestern Medical Center - Dallas

David A. Khan, MD

Michael Alvares, MD





Med Coll Georgia

William K. Dolen, MD

Deidre Crocker, MD


Univ of Michigan

James L. Baldwin, MD

Nastaran Saldarian, MD


Univ of MO-KC

Paul J. Dowling, MD

Zachary Jacobs, MD


Albert Einstein

Vincent R. Bonagura, MD

Naba Sharif, MD


Cincinnati Childrens

Amal H. Assa’ad, MD

Terri M. Moncrief, MD






Univ of CO

Rohit Katial, MD

Ojas Patel, MD


Univ of KS

Daniel J Stechschulte, MD

Mudita Shah, MD



Paul Greenberger, MD

Rebecca Ramirez, MD




(replaced by Ashraf  Uzzaman, MD 9/23/08)


Ohio State

Bryan L. Martin, DO

Todd Hostetler, MD


Med Coll Georgia

Dennis R. Ownby, MD

Turkessa Walker, MD






Univ of Michigan

James R. Baker, Jr, MD

Anna Kovalszki, MD


WV Univ 

Nevin Wilson, MD

(withdrawn 5/4/07)


Univ of IA

Mary Beth Fasano, MD

 Justin Treat, MD


Med Coll Georgia

Dennis Ownby, MD

 Lee Perry, MD


Johns Hopkins

N Franklin Adkinson, MD

John Tsai, MD




(changed to Adhuna Chabra, MD)


Univ of MS

Stephen F. Kemp, MD 

Jo S. Reed, MD







Jeffrey Stokes, MD 

Manav Segal,MD


Penn State

Timothy Craig, DO

Gisoo Ghaffavi, MD


Long Island Col

Arlene Schneider, MD

Prianka Gerrish, MD


Univ of TX SW

David Khan, MD

Ganesh Shanmugan, MD


Duke Univ

A Wesley Burks, MD

Susan Laubach, MD






Univ of TX Gal.

J. Andrew Grant, MD

Rana Bonds, MD

(2nd Year of $50,000 each)

Univ of MO-KC

Jay Portnoy, MD

Derrick Ward, MD


Med Col of Georgia

Dennis Ownby, MD

Megan Partridge, MD


Univ of Cincinnati

David Bernstein, MD

Maziar Rezvani, MD


Univ of CA

Katherine Gundling, MD

Jennifer Yoo, MD

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