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Ask the Allergist

Ask ACAAI Allergist experts your questions on asthma and allergy!

Submitted questions are reviewed by the editorial staff and those that are relevant to the general allergic population will be published online. We are unable to provide specific medical advice intended for an individual patient. The information presented here is not to be considered specific medical advice and it is supplied for information only. Always discuss your medical problems with your allergist and make decisions on your health after personal consultation. Find an allergist

What’s the best way to give epinephrine in anaphylaxis?

Q. I am a school nurse and our school system stocks vials of epinephrine in the event of an anaphylactic reaction. We administer epinephrine under the skin when the student doesn’t have their own auto-injector. I have researched that delivering the epinephrine in the muscle has advantages over this approach. Which delivery is preferred? Read more.

A. Your question could not be a more timely one, as anaphylaxis is the focus of the World Allergy Organization, for World Allergy Week this April. The current recommendation is for epinephrine to be administered in the muscle (IM) in anaphylaxis. Read more.