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Asthma Guidelines - NHLBI 2007

In 2007, the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute/ National Asthma Education and Prevention Program updated earlier guidelines, with an emphasis on asthma control. Both of the documents listed here discuss various aspects of asthma management from the perspective of these guidelines.

For asthma severity guidelines, download the guide(s) below:

View the complete NHLBI/NAEPP Guidelines

2007 NHLBI/NAEPP Guidelines at a Glance

This 16-page summary of the 2007 NHLBI Guidelines contains management tables by asthma severity and age at diagnosis. Stepwise treatment of childhood and adult asthma are included. Content published by Astra Zeneca.




ACAAI Instant Reference Guide for Health Care Professionals

This 12-page summary, published by ACAAI along with Astra Zeneca, reviews the main components of the Expert Panel Report -3 (NHLBI) from 2007 and is suitable for health care professionals. Key elements of the updated guidelines are highlighted here, and include an emphasis on maintaining asthma control to allow maximum quality of life for those with asthma.

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